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Custom Address

Every LocalRadar microsite has it’s own website address eg.

The bold is the same for all localradar websites, the ‘wizontheweb‘ is unique to your microsite eg. it might be reflexology

But maybe you would like your own Custom Address, where we setup a different address for your localradar microsite.

If you have an existing website, you may want

You may want it under

One of the advantages of this is not only is it more closely aligned to your branding.

Step 1 – Decide on the website address you would like. If you have an existing website , you can have it as what they call a subdomain eg Or maybe you have bought a new website address eg and you want to display your LocalRadar microsite on it. You must have access to the registrar details or your webmaster can make the change that is needed. Step 2 – Let us know the new address you have decided upon and we will send you the details your webmaster will need to configure Step 3 – Let us know when your webmaster has completed Step 2 and we do the final tweak on LocalRadar Step 4 – We let you know everything is GO! If you don’t have a webmaster and would like us to help with Step 1 and/or Step2 then please get in touch.